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Pedi Lounge

The Caesars    


Let our signature pedicure treat your feet and you will not be disappointed! Your feet will soak in a warm aromatic bath that will then continue into a sugar scrub to exfoliate but not irritate the skin, and then toned with a cooling gel. Then, the signature masque will be applied with hot towel wraps to lock in and keep your legs moisturized immediately. Finally, your feet will  be wrapped up in hot wax while your legs enjoy the hot stones massage. Finish with color of your choice or buff.  
(20 min massage)

The Pure Organic


This pedicure focuses on all organic products! The sea salt scrub is a perfect for exfoliating around the dryer areas of your body while drawing out toxins and acts as an anti-inflammatory for sore muscles. While the sugar scrub also exfoliates the skin, it will target around milder areas that are not as dry to not cause any irritation. Finally, the pure organic experience will then masque all the moisture! Your feet will be massaged with paraffin, for the most softest and glowing of skin.  Lastly, finish with the color of your choice or buff.  (15 min massage)
Please choose our 2 most popular scent: Lavender or Cucumber Melon

The Classic Twist


This classic pedicure has a twist that will relieve your tiring and achy feet from their misery. For the Classic Twist, your feet will first soak in a warm bath to let your cuticles soften. Once the process has been reached, we will take care of your cuticles for you. To top it all off we will exfoliate and moisturize with a sugar scrub and a mud mask with hot towels wrap, and last but not least wrap your experience up with a soothing massage. You can end the experience with either a color of your choice or buff.  
(10min massage)


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Monday - Friday 9:30 - 7:30
Saturday 9 - 7
SUNDAY 11:30 - 5:30