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About Caesar Nail Lounge

Caesar Nail Lounge brings the highest quality products and services with a fun environment unique to the industry. We strive to make the salon/ spa experience as friendly and relaxing as possible.
We use the latest product innovations to ensure our customers are getting the best performance in the healthiest circumstances by eliminating products with strong and potentially harmful odors.
Provide superior customer service skills, effective measurement of guests’ responses, and strong guests’ care relationships.
Provide an atmosphere which acknowledges the benefits of color, heat, steam and aroma therapy and cares about the well being of our guests and employees.
Provide a high quality facility, equipment, furniture and decoration that ensure a relaxed, calm and welcoming atmosphere.

Your visit to Caesar Nail Lounge will be crafted, based upon your intension or focus



2575 Main st., Ste. 365
Frisco, TX 75034

Monday - Friday 9:30 - 7:30
Saturday 9 - 7
SUNDAY 11:30 - 5:30